When people think of the UK, they often think of London, stiff upper lip and poor dental hygiene. But in many cases these stereotypes simply aren’t true!

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  1. How come everything in the thumbnail is English? Plus when talking about accents you still only mention English accents. You do know that Scotland is part of the UK as well don’t you? I find this video extremely insulting. Glasgow hosted the 2012 commonwealth games. And FYI the handgun ban came into law in 1995 not 1997, it was after the massacre at Dunblane primary school

  2. 9:05 “Everyone’s a winner” and other ideologies like that, makes them thin skinned and complains every little thing and leads them to be racist cows, calling minorities who aren’t filled with hatred against whites, especially if they are successful in life, race traitors, coons, and Uncle Toms. Because successful minorities doesn’t fit their narratives, rhetorics, and ideologies… The racist left doesn’t want them to be inspiration for them to build themselves up, becoming independent. The Democrats don’t want them to be independent. They resort to turning others against them, and keep them on welfare, so, they can keep them dependent, so, they can use them as tools, like the real racist they are.

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