From The United States being invaded. . . twice, to Russia planning to wipe China off the map with nukes! These military operation would have changed history entirely.

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  1. i laughed my ass off i saw Operation 1. 2 and 3 inflicting Damage America by invading Boston or Virginia i laughed my ass cause 100,000 Germans troops to invade United States? it would’ve been Suicide Mission by the end be lots of Dead German Soldiers

  2. What about Operation Downfall?

    If two atomic bombs produced anime, just imagine what a dozen and an invasion would have made.

  3. Operation Unthinkable was not a ‘suicide mission’. Western forces matched Soviet forces contrary to the statement, and unlike the Soviets, the west would have achieved naval and air supremacy due to the sheer volume and quality of allied aircraft.

    I do not know where you get that the west was outnumbered four to one, but it’s nonsense. I could guess it comes from simply counting divisions, which is misleading. Soviet divisions were typically 50% smaller than western divisions and they were universally depleted of strength, with a full 25% of all Soviet divisions being below 20% strength and just 5% being at 90% strength or more. Even worse was how dependent the Soviet Union had become on lend-lease. 33% of its airforce, 23% of its AFV, 93% of its 1/4ton trucks and jeeps, and 50% of all 1/2ton trucks were made in American or British factories. 1 out of every 4 males in the Soviet Union had been wounded at least once. 80% of all Soviet males born in 1922 were dead, and so was some 15% of the entire country. Famine was only held at bay by large influxes of American food products between 1941 – 1947. The Soviet Union was in no position for another World War.

  4. The American civil war was not about slavery really at all. But of course how would a Briton know that?

  5. In the Zimmerman telegraph Germany actually promised Mexico the territories lost in 1948 to the US which were California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, parts of Colorado, and parts of Wyoming, not Texas. Mexico refused mostly because it was an absurd move and they had an ongoing revolution at the time.

  6. The Six Days​ War was started by the nation’s surrounding Israel not by Israel attacking Egypt and Syria. I remember it vividly having been 17 years of age at the time and an avid watcher of the news as well as having read numerous accurate historical accounts of the war.

  7. Americans stupid mother fuckers Never try to invade we brazilians you ignorant mother fucker

  8. What about Operation Downfall? American land invasion of Japan that would have resulted in the complete destruction of the Japanese people

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