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Ever fancied going to a sex-themed amusement park? How about a theme park built in a disused nuclear facility? Alltime 10s brings you the most unusual, weird and unfathomably bizarre theme parks from around the world.

Music = Music = Nightwatchers by James Brett, Il Ritorno by Cyril Giroux, Pablo Love, Campbell E Browning and Frantz Steinbach, Paris Dreamer by Bob Bradley and Lincoln Grounds, Mid City Midnight by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Freddie Gavita and Richard Kimmings.

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  1. I’m gonna make a musical theme park where all the employees will be singing
    and dancing all the time. They even gonna force the visitors to sing and
    dance from time to time. It’s gonna be a super annoying theme park.

  2. I went to the haw par villa when I was a small child and I went into the
    ten courts of hell… I closed my eyes the whole way through and when it
    was about to end I ran out and I was so happy lmao (I’m singaporean)

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