We all use the internet every single day, it’s become impossible not to. But did you know that you could be committing a number of crimes without even being aware of it? These are 10 Cyber Crimes You Didn’t Know You Were Committing…

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  1. Mostly laws of the USA, I wouldn’t have watched if id’ve known, should’ve included this fact in the title.
    For a channel that’s hosted by a fellow Briton, why are you speaking American?… really fed up with this on this platform…..

  2. As a child in the early 2000s when the internet first became widely available I was encouraged to use a fake name on websites in order to protect my information, now it’s a federal offence? Weird.

  3. Lol Sharing your………………… Is now federal crime. Fuck off! telling people you cant share something you have bought or made is utter bullshit!


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