Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! There is always somebody watching. Sometimes that “somebody” is Google and its navigational and mapping implements, Google Street View and Google Earth. With its eye on every street corner and overseeing every backyard, it’s no wonder that the technology mogul caught these ten acts of wickedness and delinquency.

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10. The TPing
9. The Stolen Bike
8. The Police Chase
7. The Drug Deal
6. High-Powered Weaponry
5. Brandishing a Weapon
4. Indecent Exposures
3. Prostitution
2. Slayings in Brazil
1. The Railway Murder

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  1. lmao sooooo ppl are upset and calling it clickbait because it didn’t show the thumbnail…..???

  2. Of course the one about buying dope in the streets would be in camden new jersey. smh camden.

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