If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, it seems Facebook is the the place to be for crime solving!

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  1. Awesome to see how Facebook has been used to catch some pretty unscrupulous people! Which of these did you find the most impressive?

    • The one with the dad live streaming was impressive, though, unfortunately that’s what it took to get kids to talk, but it worked. Other than that, since MySpace launched and all this behavior started, I’m really not surprised at all. I have friends who take pics of their weed and show rolls of money they made off drugs lol. Like, what kind of perspective is that? Does it take genius intuition to be aware of how obviously dumb that is? I’ve even seen someone post where he was staying, so people knew how to reach him being he couldn’t go home because there was a warrant out for his arrest lol.

    • Good video. But guys, don’t show Marijuana in connection with drug addiction. It’s not addictive.
      The man in the last case must have been a really good person. And the guy who stole the things had a very good brother.

  2. I wanna talk about entry 6 and how bull shit that is. Remember kids, who to decides how much crime you’re allowed you commit.

  3. I never add someone I don’t know as a Facebook friend. Heck, there are plenty of people I know that I don’t want to add either!!

  4. I hate the people that post about where they are all the time especially the ones “at the airport” ….you’re just inviting everyone to your empty house! post AFTER you’ve come home.Makes more sense and it’s safer!

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