Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories
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So i was in an earth science course in my last year of university where i learnt about all the different legitimate earth theories, the flat ones the round ones, how tectonic plates actually move how people thought they moved the whole lot. It was one of my favourite courses no joke. And its so interesting that so many people had so many different beliefs about something as big as the shape of the earth. And we still have differing beliefs today believe it or not! So lets find out what on earth the shape of this planet is, this is the Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories.

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  1. If it was flat it would all ways be day and if it were flat, where would the core of the earth be

  2. If the Earth was flat, why are all the planets we can actually see with telescopes in our solar system spheres? Why would Earth be a different shape then all of the other planets? Like Mars for example, you can actually Mars through a telescope and you can watch it rotating which proves is a sphere so why would Earth be the only disk shaped planet in existence.

  3. how about the fact that flat earther apparently believe that Australia isn’t real! I live in Australia.

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