Our world is changing, and these at-risk animals are paying the price. For this list, we’re looking at endangered species who are most at risk for going extinct in the next 30 years. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Animals That Could be Gone by 2049.

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Top 10 Extinct Animals:
Top 10 Animals That Are Now Extinct Because of Humans:
Top 10 Extinct Animals That MAY ACTUALLY STILL BE ALIVE!:

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  1. What’s fucked up is that some Rich social paths knows these animals are going extinct but they keep demanding their hyde.

  2. Were a losing battle here, people!!!! It’s not fair! WHAT DID THOSE CREATURES EVER DID TO YOU!!!!!??????

  3. People think animals are made to be killed and cooked into food to eat, but animals are just like people!

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