They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can persuade you to do awful movies… These are 10 Actors Who Did Awful Films For Big Bucks!

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  1. For starters, who really gives a damn what rotten tomatoes thinks (well you do apparently) but jealous much? You will be a nobody that will continue to make these stupid/pointless lists and these actors/actresses will still make millions just to show up in a cameo scene to pass gas and cash in.

  2. For a while now I’ve been wondering why I’ve stay subscribed to this channel. Almost every video you produce is biased to some degree, bitter sounding, and pretentious. This one takes the cake though. This channel is no longer for me. Ta ta!

  3. How did he just say, with his chest, “All Holywood actors are overpaid for very little work.”?
    Heath Ledger
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Robert Deniro
    Jackie Chan
    River and Joaquin Phoenix
    Mel Gibson
    List goes on is my point.
    Fuck this guy

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