Top 10 Worst Game Breaking Glitches

Some glitches are hilarious, but there’s nothing funny about these bugs – the ones that cause you to crash, lose your save games, brick your console or light your computer on fire! Corruptions, exploits and strange cases of random uninstallations – we’ve got them all here. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Game Breaking Glitches.

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00:31 #10. Ice Cream Factory Save
01:20 #9. Empty Memory Card
02:00 #8. Broken Bridge
02:54 #7. Game…Slows…Down……Slowly
04:00 #6. Stupid Door Won’t Open
04:57 #5. Game Breaking Barrel
05:48 #4. Message Attack!!!!!
06:40 #3, #2 & #1:????

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  1. why wasnt saints row 2 ps3 hd files glitch??its where certains areas of the
    map become a jumble of texture and walking even near these texture or
    hidden effect area. would fill your screen with this garage.not even
    deleting the games data on my ps3 worked as it would only glitch i in
    another way i JUST got this game fod christmas and i mad. i had to delete
    the dat 18 times just to play 2 Levels

  2. I remember an unlit save pedestal in the PS2 version of The Hobbit would
    corrupt your data if ever used. I kept having to delete my configuration
    data until I finally caught on.

  3. also on vice city it surges trial by dirt and test track together or/and
    the arena missions also on the ps4 version. so no platinum or 100 percent
    trophy for u my friend. wwe2l16 and wwe2k17 does what skyrim ps3 does too
    also black outlines, smudgey matches, invisible wrestlers with just showin
    black like someones cut them out

  4. Can’t believe you guys stole Flippy’s footage and credited the wrong person
    over his footage…

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