Top 10 Video Game Series That Should Go Open World
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It’s time to check out the games we wish would ditch the linear paths and restrictive hub worlds and just let us play in a big, open ended sandbox! These titles are already classics in their own right, but we feel like an big, non-linear open world playing area would suit them nicely! Welcome to http//, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Series That Should Go Open World.

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00:38 #10: Deus Ex (Jenson Era)
01:32 #9: Mega Man Legends
02:17 #8: Kingdom Hearts
02:54 #7: Sly Cooper
03:38 #6: Sonic
04:25 #5: Spyro the Dragon (classic)
05:14 #4: Uncharted
06:08 #3, #2 & #1:????

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  1. Here’s my top 10:
    10. Star Wars The Force Unleashed series
    9. Doom series
    8. Devil May Cry series
    7. God Of War series
    6. Sly Cooper series
    5. Mass Effect series
    4. Jak & Daxter series
    3. Ratchet & Clank series
    2. Uncharted series
    1. Kingdom Hearts series

  2. for halo i would enjoy an,open world multi-player or maybe an added on
    freeroam mode. but as far as the campaign is concerned i think it needs to
    stay linear. i feel the halo narrative just wouldnt be as good if it went
    open world

  3. What a bad list…It’s not like all popular games should be an open world!!
    Seriously HALO??? What’s next? Call of Duty being open world!? Oh hell no!

  4. Dont screw it!! All of them are good just the way they were made. This
    games does’t need to be open world to be a great games.

  5. Metroid, a game that is all about exploring alien worlds yet most of the
    map is small confined rooms.

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