Top 10 Worst Decisions in History


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Ever made a bad choice that you’d sooner forget? Imagine being one of these people… WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Worst Decisions in History.

#10. Lyndon B. Johnson’s Micromanaging of the Vietnam War
#9. Maginot Line
#8. Mao’s Great Leap Forward
#7. Napoléon’s Invasion of Russia
#6. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
#5. The Toppling of Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran
#4. Hitler Invading Russia
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Trouble in the Middle East is a combination of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Woodrow Wilson, and European imperialism that started a domino effect of destabilization in the Middle East
    The Ottoman Empire was collapsing at the end of WW1 the Arabs revolted under the promise of an Arab run nation from European powers but Sykes-Picot started carving up the Middle East for British and French colonies instead
    Woodrow Wilson started putting diplomatic pressure on England and France to let the Middle East govern themselves afterwards led to the house of Saud conquering them instead and forming Saudi Arabia and the rest formed into dictatorships instead of establishing a stable Arab nation and they didn’t care about the Middle East from then on until they got rich from striking oil those nations became more powerful and then terrorism was funded to stop communist Russia from taking over which created another monster that turned on western civilization afterwards each thing lead to another like dominoes falling
    A lot of America’s problems today stem from policies treaties and institutions put in place during Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency
    In my opinion He was the worst president
    people know very little history

  2. #3 is bs when compared to history. Obama taking out Gadaffi (which directly lead to the refugee crisis) was just as bad

  3. People who invade Russia seriously underestimate its expanse. Its an absolute beast of a country to conquer. Currently, its nearly the area of entire South American Continent and in the olden days, before its partition it was as massive as North American Continent.

  4. You are Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany. Your armies have invaded Russia. They are 50 miles away from the Russian capital of Moscow, but the option to take Stalingrad could be a blow to the ego of its namesake.

    What do you do?

    A: Order your troops to take Moscow.
    B: Order your troops to take Stalingrad.

  5. The Trojan horse was thought to be an attempt at peace but the warriors in the body of the huge statue proved to be a most effective weapon.
    The mistake was allowing the statue behind fortress walls.

  6. Why is the Trojan Horse here? We’re talking about history. Something that happened in real life not in myths.

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