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Top 10 Myths About World History
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Even serious history buffs may not know that some of these facts are actually myths. From Viking helmets, to who invented Santa Claus, to the origins of pasta, lets set the record straight. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Common Misconceptions About World History.

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#10. The Vikings Wore Horns on their Helmets
#9. Santa Claus Was Invented by Coca Cola
#8. Marco Polo Brought Pasta to Italy
#7. Immigrants’ Surnames Were Changed at Ellis Island
#6. Columbus Discovered That the Earth Was Round
#5. Life Expectancies Were Extremely Low in the Middle Ages
#4. Albert Einstein Failed Math
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. If all abortions were counted towards the average lifespan, people might be surprised at the number

  2. Surname forced changes were actually pretty common in the start of the XXth Century. In Brazil, MANY MANY immigrants had their names changed to look more portuguese or comprehensive. My family’s surname was Gryinberg in Poland, changed to Grunberg in Germany after WWII and modified again to Gruenberg in Brazil. Although very look a like the original, that did not happen to many friends of mine. Situations were peoples surname were too hard for Brazilians to pronounce happened a lot, and, therefore, they had their names changed to their countries of origin directly. For example, jews with hard surnames were simply given the surname ISRAEL, or Hungarians were called HUNGRIA (Portuguese for Hungary). If you happened to arrive in the 1920s or 30s in Northern Brazil, were people had less prior contact with europeans, your name would probably be changed to SILVA, BENTES, FERREIRA, PEDREIRA, SOARES, SOUZA, RODRIGUES, or something of sorts, because they were considered “normal” Portuguese surnames. So, although in Ellis Island that might have been uncommon, it was pretty much an everyday reality in many parts of the World.

  3. Yeah, witchburning was more of a European affectation. The Germans, Dutch and Scots especially

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