Have you ever heard that rumor that more people die by being struck by lightning than due to plane crashes? Sure, it makes us feel better but we can’t help but picture the plane crashing in a million different scenarios. Sometimes, I stare at the wing and just wait for a bird to fly into the engine. Think I’m crazy? It wouldn’t be the first time! Though flying becomes safer every year, crashes are still a relatively common headline on our news channels. Really tragic crashes, though, come once every few years and to amp up your worst fears, I’m here to tell you about the 10 Worst Crashes in Aviation History.

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  1. Scary to think i’ll be flying down to South America sometime in the future… Thanks for the vid!

  2. Japan Air Lines,… The American base offered help, but the local authorities refused the offer.

  3. Check your facts, please regarding Japan Airlines flight 123. The U.S. Air Force base near the crash site DID offer to assist in the rescue mission. Their help was rejected by Japanese officials.

  4. You are very very wrong on number 2. The navy offered to help them, had even gotten an SAR chopper ready to assist. The Japanese Prime Minister refused their assistance stating they would handle it. Not the other way around.

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