If you’re still in tears over our last list, you will need to prepare yourself for another Top 10 saddest cartoon episodes. We’re looking at even more heart-wrenching episodes from animated series. Stock up on tissues, things are about to get devastating. WatchMojo ranks another Top 10 saddest cartoon episodes. Which cartoon episode made you cry? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Courage’s parents weren’t murdered. They were kidnapped and sent to the moon. They were still alive when the vet landed on the moon.

  2. 8:11 so that’s what happened after MW3,he’s still alive after getting shot 4 time with a .50 AE round??

  3. Even though Samurai Jack is a violent cartoon but I can’t help but feel sad for watching Tale Of X49 because of the Bounty Hunter’s missing dog Lulu and made even worse when Jack defeats him he says “The casting of Lulu……..” Which to me this is basically Aku’s fault

  4. The Spongebob episode related to me so well because the same day that episode aired, my own dog had runaway from home. Only, he didn’t come back. I hope he met a family that loved him. I was a stupid kid.

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