These are some of the most unexpected deaths in horror movies of all time. Yeah, we definitely didn’t see that one coming— and we don’t think these characters did either! WatchMojo is counting down the horror movie deaths that just sort of came out of nowhere and made a memorable impact on our movie-watching experience. Which unexpected death is your favorite? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. If the creaters of cabin in the woods didn’t add in that eagle flying into invisible force field scene it would have been an unexpected death

  2. Thor dying in the Cabin in the woods was the biggest Shocker , I loved that death so much because it says that nobody was safe from death in the Parody of many levels Horror movie and what’s more Thor was not the biggest star of the movie , that honour went to the Scream Queen herself Sigourney Weaver .

  3. Watchmojo you can’t put curt from the cabin in the woods on this list because it wasn’t an unexpected death. If you watch the movie from the beginning everyone knows there’s an invisible force field around the place so everyone watching knew what would happen

  4. Although I think of Alien as a horror movie, it does generally get lumped with sci-fi so I’d take that one out. I think you’ve lost the meaning of “unexpected”. Samuel L. Jackson’s death in Deep Blue Sea was unexpected. The deaths in Cabin in the Woods and A Quiet Place were both indicated and foreshadowed so not really unexpected. The dad sacrificing himself in A Quiet Place was more unexpected although not unusual as parents often sacrifice themselves for their kids in movies. In Alien, you have a monster on a ship that will ultimately kill most of the characters so losing John Hurt was not unexpected as we expect them all to die eventually. The method of his death was a little unexpected but only barely. I would add a few especially if we are just talking the movie and none of the source material:

    28 Days Later – the father
    28 Weeks Later – Hawkeye, the mother, and then the helicopter pilot and then everyone in Paris. Actually while we expected Robert Caryle to meet his fate at some point, it did come very quickly.
    Blade 2 – Whistler
    Shawn of the Dead – his mom
    Frankenstein – Maria
    Dawn of the Dead – the daughter at the very beginning and then some of the characters. But like Alien, you do expect most of them to die.
    Interview with a Vampire – Claudia (you can pick the first time or the second time)
    I Am Legend – the dog. My daughter saw this before me and said there was one really sad scene. I said “they killed the dog, didn’t they?” so maybe that makes it easily predictable but it caught her unaware.

  5. If you’re going to give a spoiler warning, PLEASE TELL US THE MOVIES YOU ARE SPOILING.
    It makes no sense and is no help to give that warning with no context. At the very least, give the movie title before the spoiler (not all together) to give people time to skip past it.

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