Some of these characters were too great to die. In this list we’re looking at even more big screen deaths of beloved, well-crafted or just plain badass characters. If your pick isn’t on the list, check out our first video on the ‘Top 10 Disappointing Deaths of Great Characters’.

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  1. Marvel is really weird. Quicksilver is the son of Magneto and the brother of Wanda (Scarlet Witch). Basically, we have 2 Quicksilvers (One deceased).

  2. How is Bellatrix Lestrange anywhere in this video. Her demise was almost necessary and done in the best way it could’ve been?!?!

  3. What a stupid and moronic list, just shows that they don’t understand film at all, worthless click bait video

  4. Bellatrix was the best way possible, I mean finally the Weasley mother showed some mother skills and the superhero deaths hurt the most?

  5. Finnick’s death was out of nowhere because they’re trying to depict how in war anyone can go at any second and nobody gets minutes to send off their arc

  6. Also, Quicksilver made a worthy sacrifice plus his version of the character wasn’t even that amazing

  7. A lot of these deaths, including Romanoff, Schultz, and Luke came as a shock and tried something new. Some deaths were meant to be anti climactic but that’s also what worked.

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