Chucky VS Annabelle: The Ultimate Horror Movie Doll
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They’re two of the scariest killer dolls. They’ve terrified movie audiences for years, but which reigns as the king/queen of the toy box. It’s the head to head matchup that haunts our nightmares, as today, we’re looking at Chucky Vs Annabelle to determine which is scarier.

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  1. Chucky is controlled by a psychotic human spirit and moves around and kills people. While Annabelle is a demon doll and plays with your mind and can make you commit suicide or some kind of crime

  2. Now whats scarierr a dead man possesing a ghost or a fucking demon that can literally kill u in an instant…. Im sorry but this has gotta be the dumbest video ever ???

  3. Sorry but a man’s soul stuck inside a plastic toy doesn’t sound frightening to me at all. However a demon possessing a porcelain doll would give me nightmares….

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