Top 10 Things Europeans Find Strange About America
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Cultural differences galore! For this list, we’ll be looking at things that are prevalent in America but that are done differently in Europe. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things Europeans Find Strange About America.
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10. “How Are You?”
9. The Measurement System
8. Pharmacies Acting as Convenience Stores
7. Strict Alcohol Laws
6. American Patriotism
5. Expensive PostSecondary Education
4. The Health Care System

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  1. I’m american and I have 2 friends living in Europe and I do agree that America needs free healthcare. Europe does. They have free healthcare.

  2. It’s *mind-boggling* that so many Americans have actually been convinced to be *_against_* universal healthcare.

  3. Another point concerning drinking: In Europe, they generally take drunk driving FAR more seriously than in America. Our drinking laws are strict but our drunk driving laws are ridiculously lenient. The opposite of (much of) Europe.

  4. i can remember taking a coach tour of north america and the tour guide actually explained tipping and explained how for some american waiters it may be their only source of income. and i’m like damn son. don’t they get paid minimum wage. and the fact that your expected to leave as little as $5 made my eyes go wide with shock. even if a service is good here in england a tip of £1 is seen as a good gesture and even just saying “Thank you, i had a wonderful meal” instead of tipping is enough to satisfy the waiter.

  5. Hmm would have thought freedom of speech would have been one of these seeing as how Europe doesn’t have one lol.

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