Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We like to think the city we live in is safe and secure, that our homes, possessions, and loved ones aren’t in danger of being taken from us. Do you think you’re safe in your current city? Well, if your hometown is anywhere on this list of the ten most dangerous cities in the United States, we have some bad news for you…

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10. Memphis, TN
9. Birmingham, AL
8. Detroit, MI
7. Bessemer, AL
6. St. Louis, MO
5. Wilmington, DE
4. Camden, NJ
3. Alexandria, LA
2. Monroe, LA
1. East St. Louis, IL

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  1. This list is rigged! Where is shithole Chic a go? Las Vegas? San Diego, LA, NY, Maryland, D.C.??? Good vid though.

  2. Yeah, I knew my city was gonna be on the list and it was the first one mentioned. Should I feel good that I was right, or bad that it was on here?

  3. Can we have the calculations of white criminal to black criminals in these cities? It seems like it just might be most dangerous cities because of blacks… just saying it’s statistics that don’t lie.

  4. You are right on about East St. Louis. I lived most of my life in southern Illinois and you never went to East St. Louis. One other interesting fact about ESL is that at one time it was a vibrant city but as time went by it became a place to fear. The schools were taken over by the state and the local government and police were so corrupt that many of them were either arrested or ran out of town. Many crimes in other areas (including St. Louis) can be linked to ESL.

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