Welcome to Top10Archive! We all love the convenience of snacks and drinks dispensed from a machine, but did you know that the vended-offerings don’t just stop with quick and basic nourishment? All around the world, you can find an outlandish mix of easily dispersed products, as seen in these top ten strangest vending machines.

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  1. I will never understand why men want used women underwear. Just thinking of my ex girlfriends underwear laying around on the floor is just ewww. They aren’t clean and they smell. Even when she wears them they are stained in the front. WHY MUST WOMEN HAVE THESE PROBLEMS!!!

  2. Love how the video whispered saying *sex toys*… I’m watching on my computer, on speakers. hahah

  3. #4 is not just so you can say you held gold, anyone can go into a pawn shop or jewelry store and ask to look at a gold watch or wedding band.
    The gold bars are used to as a dowry payment to ask for a daughters hand in marriage. Basically, it’s making a legal form of human trafficking more convenient.

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