Welcome to Top10Archive! If you’re looking for it, you’ll be able to find it on eBay. As broad and bold of a statement as that is, it’s pretty much true in any scenario if you consider the many weird auctions that found their way onto the popular auction house. For this Archive, we’re digging through countless auctions over the extensive lifetime of the auction site to find the top 10 weirdest things ever to grace the reputable pages of eBay.

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10. An Imaginary Friend
9. Right to Name a Baby
8. Bodily Ad Space
7. Friendship
6. The Meaning of Life
5. An Entire Town
4. The Life of Another Person
3. Slavery
2. Virginity
1. Organs


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  1. Hah, trading the kidneys is common here, and it isn’t smuggling, and
    sellers do this voluntarily due to their poverty!! (Blood type classified)

  2. Some people must really be dumb to be auctioning off these things. Some guy
    will be a slave? ok then.

    • I do miss the old days when it was just people selling their old stuff and
      less encumbered by eBay “Stores.”

  3. I would totally watch a movie based on someone selling their imaginary
    friend to someone else especially if it was directed by Kevin Smith!

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