Hey YouTube, Jim here. Welcome to Top10Archive! Y’know, I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable doing this video. If they don’t want you to know, doesn’t it stand to reason that they’ll do whatever they can to keep this information from getting out?

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10. Radar Detectors Aren’t Effective
9. Corruption is Widespread and Can Cost Millions
8. Go For the Department’s Internal Affairs
7. They’ll Trick You Into Confessing
6. You Can’t be Pulled Over for Flipping Off a Cop
5. You Don’t Have to Talk to the Cops
4. Undercover Cops Don’t Have to Identify Themselves
3. “Am I Free to Go?”
2. Complaints Get Filed in the “Special Bin”
1. You Have More Rights Than It May Seem

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  1. If your being question by the police and you asked for a lawyer sometimes the police will say a lawyer will only make the situation worse and make you look guilty, stand your ground and get a lawyer.

  2. You covered most of the problems when interacting with police except: what to do if you have a gun happy police officer that holds your family at gun point with the hummer cocked and shaky nerves gun hand, for false stop and false charge of traffic violation, then tries even though you shown who you are and the vehicle is own by you, and they say it is a stolen car when it is not. ask them for the sargent or other top brass to take charge of this case on the road, and hope nothing goes wrong before he or she gets to your location.

  3. Also, the police have no legal obligation to protect you per the Supreme Court. Think of them as more like field overseers meant to keep the domesticated humans toeing the line.

    • Why do you have rapist first name and a surname that sounds like a venereal disease? Is it a joke fake name?

  4. You don’t have to identify yourself to an officer if you have done nothing wrong. Some states do have stop and identify statues, but some states (New York and Wisconsin) do not have stop and identify statues. So, if you want to, you CAN refuse to give your name, but just be ready to receive harassment and maybe physical contact from police who still think they’re “above the law” and can get away with it because you don’t know your rights.

  5. you can film is abused by every video i’ve ever seen.
    Like get the fuck out of the way and shut the fuck up, if not that leads to the cop needing to move you or tell you to shut the fuck up.
    Cops have it hard, and nearly 90 percent of the people they deal with is some of the dumbest scum and trash of the earth, and when they get to you maybe they weren’t having a nice day because he just dealt with something far worse than the regular persons speeding ticket or disturbance call

  6. Wait! Other call New Jersey “the armpit of America”? I call if that simply because of it’s location.

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