Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! You may know him as Brian O’Conner from the Fast and the Furious series, but the late actor was so much more than a one-note star. Though his career was cut short by a fatal car crash in 2013, Walker may have had a heftier career than many are aware of. With all of the love he’s been receiving in the comments of our “Ten Amazing Actors Who Died While Filming Movies” video, we thought we’d reach out to his fans with these ten amazing facts about Paul Walker.

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10. Walker’s Earlier Career
9. He Knew Kung Fu, too!
8. Keeping the Faith
7. What a Modest Man
6. A Shoe in for Fast and the Furious
5. Part-Time Stuntman
4. Engaging the Uphams
3. Jedi Aspirations
2. Paul Walker, Marine Biologist
1. Reach Out Worldwide

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    • yo yo brahs! his best scene was when plowed straight into a tree and burst into flames !! yo yo my niggas! am i right ? yo yo yo I just wish i would have been there to put out the flames with my piss yo yo yo !!

  1. I’ve followed Paul early on – great man great actor…I remember the day he passed…will always be missed ❤️

  2. What about Paul Walker’s history of banging underage girls and getting away with it? Is that not AMAZING?

  3. My favorite Paul Walker moment was his last moment. Fuck Paul Walker. He drove like an asshole, putting innocent people in danger with his reckless driving.

  4. I’ve always loved cars and when I turn 16 Fast and the Furious came out for the first time he was a huge impact in my life he was a very big role model in my life if I could see him in person all I would say is thank you I’m glad you believe in our good Lord Jesus Christ😇🤕😓😔🤧

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