Welcome to Top10Archive! A toxic substance is anything that may physically harm you after it’s been inhaled, swallowed or touched. From a frog’s deadly defensive secretion to chemicals created by man, we’re counting down the 10 of the deadliest substances known to man.

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10. Carbon monoxide
9. Sodium cyanide
8. Batrachotoxin
7. Strychnine
6. Mercury
5. Chlorine Trifluoride
4. Cyanide
3. Tabun
2. Ricin
1. Botox

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  1. I know something that can kill you if you inhale it? It can burn your skin? It can eat through metal? It has killed 10000 of people. And it’s called Water.

  2. the most dangerous thing know to man is the lack of cracking open a cold one with the boys

  3. What’s with the man leaning against the wall engulfed in fire? He looked a little to happy with that weird smile.

  4. hello great video again, any chance you have a top ten most famous weapons { when i say this i mean a name of a sword or bow, not for example gun, nuke that ll be boring } haha keep up the great work mate

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