Religion is a big part of many people’s lives, but what happens when it turns to the dark side? We looked into the most dangerous cults ever. Be warned, you might be shocked by what you learn.

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  1. Christianity is the biggest cult and scam in the world. Anyone who fails to see it is retardedly brainwashed. Did you know unless you come from a wealthy family your grave gets dug up after 100 years and is cremated? It costs enough for a funeral as it is.
    Thats just one of the billion points which show its a scam. Why cant the rest of the world see this? Protestants were created when Henry 8th wanted a divorce. You know, that fat guy who had 6 wives? He altered a whole religion for his benefit.

  2. Alltime10s the church of almighty god is wrong cause the beatings and stuff was framed because China think it was bad for its people thus trying to give propaganda to the Chinese people to not believe it and thus calling evil cult

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