Top 10 Most Dangerous World Records

They may be some of the coolest world records, but they’re also some of the craziest world records. Between becoming the oldest wing walker, taking the highest pool dive, balancing the heaviest car on your head, or jumping over multiple buses while riding a motorcycle, this list of world records is amazing. WatchMojo counts down ten insane world records you would be stupid to try to break.

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00:39 #10: Oldest Wing Walker
01:36 #9: Most Spears Caught from a Spear Gun Underwater in One Minute
02:39 #8: Twin Towers Walk
03:51 #7: Highest Pool Dive
04:44 #6: Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head
05:46 #5: Highest Recorded Blood Alcohol Level
06:49 #4: Motorcycle Bus Jumps
07:51 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. What about breaking the most boards with your bare fists while freefalling?
    That was broken just a couple of years ago by Jason David Frank (yes, the
    Green Ranger Jason David Frank).

  2. What the Guinness world record people don’t tell you is that all records
    are held by Chuck Norris and those listed are simply the closest anyone
    else has ever gotten.

  3. Dangerous and crazy. But 99.9 percent of world record are pretty useless or
    pointless. Catching as many spears under water. How often in real life is
    this necessary. Cool none the less. But pointless

    Strongest man or woman in the world, tallest man or woman in the world.
    Natural word record.

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