Top 10 Songs Of The Week June 17, 2017
Top Songs Of June, 2017
Top Songs 2017

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  1. if this gets 2 likes I’ll put a pic of my penis and make a song called jb in my bum (Justinu boober ;})

  2. Symphony is _still_ here? And why are people voting for a Spanish song? That’s just overrated

    I’m just waiting for Axwell ‘More Than You Know’
    Shawn Hook/Vanessa Hudgens ‘Reminding Me’ and Major Lazor ‘Know No Better’ to be on here, at least they sound good and this list could have some new songs instead of the same old songs that been here a while…

  3. 10. 8/10
    9. 8/10
    8. 7/10
    7. 7/10
    6. 8/10
    5. 9/10
    4. 8/10
    3. 9/10
    2. 8/10
    1. 8/10
    don’t judge

  4. I remember before when the your choice didnteven exist. You barely had 100k, and you should go back to your old intro i liked that better

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