Top 10 Teens Who Will Never Leave Prison
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Is this real life right now? Ok that one sentencing of 7 consecutive life sentences is pretty extreme. And that wasn’t the whole sentencing. That guy was also given 270 years on top of the 7 life sentences. I guess this is just incase technology becomes so advanced and humans can life a lot longer, I don’t know.
Well this one was a tough one to re-search because I know all of these teenagers have done horrible crimes and now have to face the rest of their lives in jail, I just feel bad for them. What drove them to a point in life where they have chosen to commit such a horrible crime?

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    • I’ve known mostamazingtop10 for about 3 years now and I honestly love this Channel whenever I’m bored I just watch your amazing videos when I’m feeling down or bored ?you guys are the best thank you BTW could you do another video about brutal punishments in the next video?❤️❤️

  1. To your reference of the gun ban in Australia
    Now it’s only the criminals who own guns and stabbings are getting higher and higher and also home invasion are on a increase, also rape is higher here
    Per percentage of people Australia has four time the amount of criminals and murderers then America

  2. Ive said this before and ill say it again: can you go a single video without saying ‘is this real life right now”?

  3. You are sick for saying that landon. I dont care. But a 10 year old should never be tried as an adult n given life. Shm only in America…. fucked up justice system.

  4. “I can’t believe that a 10 year old is getting life in prison.” HE MURDERED SOMEONE!! When I was 10 I was watching Pokémon and trying not to pass out before 11pm! What the hell lawyer guy?!

  5. “is this real life right now” ? Landon, thanks to you I have started saying this without even realizing it ?

  6. Just put these Goyim in Military Boot Camp and train these Cold Blooded Murderers to be Cold Blooded Killers. That will save the Taxpayers a few Shekels. Their Expendable.

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