Top 10 Scary American Facts
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Now honestly it doesn’t matter where you live, you could live here in Canada, you could all the way in Uzbekistan, heck you could probably even live in Antarctica and you would definitely have a lot of knowledge about America or at least have a vague idea. At least. The US is probably the country who has done globalization the best, their adverts are all we see, 90% of the movies we see originate from Hollywood and half the food we eat or clothes we buy come from American food chains or clothing brands. But contrary to popular belief there are probably things you didn’t know about America, and better yet there are scary things about America that you definitely didn’t know.

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  1. Not all of the dead in Jonestown committed suicide. Many were murdered when they refused to kill themselves.

  2. Speaking of medical errors in the us, there was a case a few years ago here in Florida, where a woman went in to have a baby but her chart got accidentally switched and they amputated ALL OF HER LIMBS!!! No lie, true story…

  3. this channel has really been sucking for awhile now I stopped watching for a month hoping it would get better but nope still going down hill

  4. Yeah, first thing was ugh its ayman. Then the points are kinda dumb and some could be said of other countries.

  5. I find you very annoying. No offense meant, but some probably taken… I know. Feel free to come back at me with the amazing “YOU’RE annoying, random Internet idiot!”. #Sarcasm

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