Top 10 Superhero Movie Plot Holes
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The action may be cool, and the heroes are awesome, but these comic book adapted movies have some glaring plot holes we just can’t ignore. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Most Glaring Plot Holes We Found in Superhero Movies. But what will take the top spot on our list? Is it from Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel, or X-Men: Days of Future Past? Watch to find out!

#10. The “Francis” Conundrum
#9. Removing Shrapnel from His Chest
#8. How Did Thor Get to Earth?
#7. Cafeteria Web Shot
#6. Stock Exchange
#5. When Can Bruce Control His Anger?
#4. Why Don’t the Avengers Help Cap Take Down Hydra?
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. 10. my guess is by that time, those other people realized how crazy wade was so they just chalked it up to him being non-nonsensical.
    9. 100% agreed here. one of my main reasons why i hated iron man 3, especially when he met that doctor years ago and to the best of our knowledge, thats just a simply electro-magnet on time.
    8. the dark energy line should have been enough. a small minor explanation is a million times better than no explanation at all.
    7. how did those kids know it was webbing at all in the cafeteria, especially those far away. only way you can tell it was webbing is if you saw it up close.
    6. the board of directors already knew how inexperienced bruce was an executive. that should have been a given. stock exchanges have a lot of weird rules. my guess is bane introduced some code to prevent it from changing it back, thus why they said later on “until we get your money back, youre broke.”
    5. bruce CAN control his anger, just some outside force made him lose control
    4. simple, there wasnt enough time. by the time he could call up the other 5 avengers, the time it would take to update them and coordinate something, many people would have already died by then
    3. in days of future past specifically, its bad enough youre changing a crucial past event like preventing trask’s death. now you want to add in more changes to the timeline, which could potentially mess up even worse?
    2. he did it to make a big splash, plus everybody else seemed to have gotten out of the way just fine with no injuries. why not lowly, average peter?
    1. just because you have power, that doesnt mean you want it. plus, those kryptonians didnt ever need superpowers because they were already conquerors without them. i see this zod’s way of going back to the way things were, including not having any superpowers at all

  2. Congrats. 40% of your ‘plot holes’ are either easily explained or just straight up not plot holes. I hate these plot hole videos because whoever makes them clearly doesn’t know what a fucking plot hole is or do they do any real fucking research. The hulk one is so obvious

  3. hulk can control his anger because in “the incredible hulk” at the final battle he starts to understand that he can control hulk or “guide him” as he says in the movie. thats why at the end of the movie (TIH) he just sits and let the anger take overhim because he was starting to train his anger and take more control over the hulk.

  4. For winter soldier, hydra wasn’t public knowledge. The only thing the public knew was that cap was a fugitive, Tony isn’t gonna go hunt cap or help him incase he is bad

  5. Bruce can control the hulk somewhat when he chooses to change. The reason he freaked out on the helicarrier was because he didn’t choose to change. It was forced due to the explosion

  6. For 8 they explain it… like seconds after he arrives. Odin had to summon dark energy. You literally show it in the fucking video. You can’t really call it a plot hole just because you don’t like it. Also, the end of Thor still has impact because he saved the frost giant’s

  7. min 6:45 If you would have seen the movie you would have known Zod was created to ensure Krypton’s survival. He lived for that sole purpose and brought along his terraforming equipment. He notices his powers when Superman stops him from achieving his goal.
    You should really watch the movie because it’s a real Superman movie XD

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