Top 10 Songs For The Week Of April 01, 2017 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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  1. Bruno& ed can talk about sex but when a female does it she is a hoe ? the world is bullshitting !! .. happy to see Nicki back

    • mr richard I agree with you … like the song “deepthroat” I mean songs like side to side it was catchy and had great vocals from ariana grande but she was slit shamed smh

    • There is nothing wrong with songs about sex Its just If the song is shit the song is shit, but there are many good songs about sex by females

  2. 10. Awesome song , Horrible music video 8/10
    9. Ehhh too bland 6/10
    8. I like it , not bad at all 10/10
    7. Rihanna has new sound 8.5/10
    6. Great song is so misunderstood 9/10
    5. Ok 7/10
    4. 8/10 for zayn -1/10 for taylor
    3. Not bad 7/10
    2. Bruno is way overrated 6/10
    1. Good song but way overplayed 9/10

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