Top 10 Songs For The Week Of April 08, 2017 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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  1. 10. 5/10 listenable but shit
    9. 4/10 still shit
    8. 6/10 alright
    7. 7/10 alright
    6. 0/10 no need to say anything…
    5. 8/10 Good
    4. 0/10 pure shit
    3. 2/10 awful song
    2. 10/10 perfect song. Best by far.
    1. 9/10 overplayed but still good

  2. I think I understand why these rap songs are always on top, it’s cause they are different and new. People even 5 years ago never saw any of these electronic beats with rap. I admit the beats are nice, but it’s fake music because it has all been done on a computer. Any of the popular music you hear on the radio now a days has a 75% chance of it being autotuned. Also scientists has proved music had gotten worse year by year to the point where the vocab being used is similar to a 2nd grade level. THIS HAS TO STOP! It’s great we have other songs to listen to on YouTube or ITunes but still I want the best to be on the top 10.

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