Top Songs of the Week in UK, ranked by BBC
Best Songs Of April, 2017

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(United Kingdom) Top 40 Songs of The Week – April 08, 2017


  1. 40: meh
    39: drake you cant do anything, hotline bling was a nice meme but now fuck off
    38: dont like it
    37: oke drake now it’s enough get out of my view
    36: hey that’s pretty good
    35: idk
    34: drake please just go away
    33: not original
    32: drake is the worst singer ever, the autotune though
    31: this guy is so soft but trying to be a big guy, pretty funny song haha, love it
    30: nice
    29: how do they get so many hitsongs? it’s ok
    28: good lyrics, not really like it
    27: no, not every song should be in this list, some songs are pure shit, where is *congratulations from post malone?*
    26: It’s weird but i like it
    25: drake please stop it
    24: this song is comparable to drake, shitty and bad
    23: it’s ok
    22: idk
    21: –
    20: this is good
    19: i might like it
    18: didnt like it first but it’s pretty good
    17: 18
    16: yeah this is nice, original and well made
    15: meh
    14:so terrible
    13: it’s ok
    12: Ed sheeran is way too overrated
    11: yeah pretty good, well made
    10: how did drake get to the top
    8: yeah i like this
    7: good one
    6: it’s a good song but not catchy
    5: orginal, but gets annoying pretty quickly
    4: need to play it more often to get used to
    3: passionfruit? what is he even talking about?
    2: good one, country is pretty good
    1: heard this too much, but love it

    Drake is shit
    Not every song of Ed Sheeran is good
    These need to be replaced

  2. I’m right again, zayn here drake here ed here, man this chart is useless and making this channel too

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