Welcome to Top10Archive! We raise our children wanting the best in life for them, but that’s not always the path they choose. Some commit crimes so heinous that the courts can think of no other outlet than to sentence them to death. We’re behind bars in this Archive as we look into the Top 10 Youngest Death Row Inmates Ever.

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10. Shareef Cousin
9. Ruben Montoya Cantu
8. Dalton Prejean
7. James Terry Roach
6. Johnny Frank Garrett
5. Napoleon Beazley
4. Sean Richard Sellers
3. James Morgan
2. Paula Cooper
1. George Stinney Jr

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  1. Why would they want to kill young people? look what happen to george stinney jr he was 14 years old when he convicted for murdering 2 white girls but it turns out he didn’t do it but he was too young to die he may be long gone but he’s in a good place. it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or brown even if you’re a coloured person you might get arrested by the police officers but you have to prove their innocent

  2. I am totally pro death penalty and wish they would Bring it back to europe , however only if proven minimum 99% that they did it! With help of all modern Technology not only witnesses.
    Almost all convicts claim innocence.
    Under 18 someone is too young to be on deathrow which means that if they were not 18 at the time of the murder they committed , under 18 no way.

    • I believe you are correct, I do remember a story of a 13 year old back in the 20s or 30s that was sentenced and executed, And only recently pardoned.

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