Top Songs of the Week in UK, ranked by BBC
Best Songs Of March 2017

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(United Kingdom) Top 40 Songs of The Week – March 18, 2017


  1. Be interesting to see if Ed gets every single song from Divide onto the Billboard hot 100. All songs from Divide have so far made top 40 in Australia, New Zealand, and UK (as far as I know)

    The extraordinary thing is Divide is already 2x platinum on the ARIA chart in Australia in just a week. I am really not sure why the upset and salt on here, most of the Ed Sheeran songs will disappear of the chart or have massive plunges apart from Shape Of You which appears to be content for a rather long stay at number one and apart from that, this kind of thing happens every single time a big name releases a new album, it happened with Bieber when he released “Purpose” and will happen again when Lorde releases Melodrama in June and Katy Perry releases her new album (although after Chained to the Rhythm I am worried about that one).

    The problem is the formula these chart companies use which includes streaming and the only thing people for the last week have been streaming is “Divide” (the top 16 on the UK Spotify chart is all Ed Sheeran) so unless formula changes this kind of thing is going to happen on the charts when Ed Sheeran or One Direction (should they re-form) etc release a new album so like it or lump if I am going to be brutally honest.

  2. Ok this is ridiculous…I mean come on…I thought black singers from US like drake Kendrick j cole were overrated but ed here in U.K. takes the title of the most overrated singer…m pretty sure in US charts also he is gonna dominate… *facepalm*

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