Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret – Part 2
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Welcome back everyone – I’m continuing this series now with a part 2 – I was surprised that many of you enjoyed this video because we do so much scary stuff but hey, I’m not gonna argue with you, you want scary pictures, that’s what you’re gonna get – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret – Part 2

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    • Number 9 could be even worse. Apparently, from what I remember reading, later evidence showed that he was innocent of the charges & was framed. He must’ve been so desperate.

    • Spontaneous combustion can be caused by the wick effect, where a cigarette, or another fire source lights a person on fire in their sleep. The clothes act as a “wick”, hence the name, and the fat in the persons body acts as the “candle”. The fire is extremely well contained due to the way the body burns, which is why the limbs and nearby objects often are not burned.

  1. For any urban legends back here in the US, I ask for Urban Legends in South and North Carolina! I haven’t heard of any legends in North Carolina, but there is one in South Carolina called the Gray Man of Pawleys Island. Anyone who have seen this apparition have their homes completely unscathed during a hurricane. This has happened during Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Florence not too long ago.

  2. I like this cuz its fast.. Theres explanation but its quick n moves on to the pictures then next one… I hate the videos with mofe talking than anything.

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