Top 10 Scary Alien Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret
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Let me know if you believe. Honestly, I totally believe there is life out there, but I am skeptical that we have ever made contact or been visited, you can decide if these images are real or part of several elaborate hoaxes?

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    • Very interesting, but number 3 actually looks like a large helicopter without the skids or rotors. 🙂

    • 💭🎆🎆💭💭💭🎆🎆


  1. I don’t believe in aliens because the alien at 3:30 is what all aliens look like and books movies TV shows Etc

  2. If they are real I want Everyone to know so there would be NO doubt in whether they exist or not, Then I could be like I was believed in it since the beginning

  3. I believe in aliens but some of these pictures seem way too fake. Especially the “alien robots,” they look like either crash dummies or some kind of mannequin. I thought the one that was a possible deer fetus was a pig, and the tiny alien doesn’t look realistic to me. Great video.

  4. If there was life on other planets, those planets are either to far or they probably caused there own destruction.

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