Top 10 Scary Songs That Should Have Stayed Secret
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I love songs, I love music, I think its one of the best things that humans have ever created – we all have a favourite song or two that makes us feel amazing – however, there’s always a creepy side to things – today I’m going through songs that some people say have led to nothing but misery, suffering. Do you agree with them and do you dare hear these songs? Lets find out …

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  1. I am not sure if Frank Sintratra’s song is cursed but didn’t Robin Williams sing the song in Spanish for the Happy Feet movie? Years later, he committed suicide. Hmm…Seems like anyone associated with the song by singing it ends up dead later on in a tragic event.

  2. The beginning of the song at number six sounds like Friday The Thirteenth 😂😂 The song sounds like someone being strangled and trying to get free around a minute and a half into it though. Otherwise the song sounds pretty cool and not scary… 👍

  3. Im tone deft and cant sing. But if you cant sing dont sing especilly songs like “my way” iv wanted to shot a few screwing up the rat pack, beatles etc….and im 35 btw i just like good music.

  4. The scariest song I heard was The Beatles “Maxwell’s Silver hammer”. It’s about a boy who brutally murders both his girlfriend and school teacher with a by bludgeoning them with a silver hammer. The boy is eventually arrested and brought to trial where he is found guilty, but before the judge can pass sentence he is murdered in the courtroom by Maxwell with you guessed it the silver hammer.

  5. Some people do things but blame it on music because they’re too chicken to make it was them not the music

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