Top 10 Scary Egyptian Tombs That Should Have Stayed Closed
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Egyptian Tombs That Should Have Stayed Closed. Prior to the 1920s, there was a lot of talk about ancient Egyptian curses, but when King Tut’s tomb was breached in 1922, the talk turned to practically verified urban legend and people began to link digs to deaths. Terrifying.

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    • MostAmazingTop10 What the hell is a CATACOOM????? Toot?? Really? Do you guys intentionally mispronounce things just to PISS people off?

  1. unless I’m misunderstanding, the first tomb’s seems to suggest that guests aren’t unwelcome so long as you are respectful and don’t harm or cause any harm or destruction… this could make for an interesting twist for a mummy/ zombie movie where the mummy could be an avenging, misunderstood hero who chases down a murderer who’d killed someone in his tomb?

  2. It was sewage water that leaked in the tomb in Alexandra tomb. Other wise good video yes, I beileve in the curses i’m not Egyptian or anything but I do beileve in the curses. I have mixed feelings about opening tombs one part of me I think they should be left alone out of respect and the other part me wants them to be opened just because it is part of history and should be recorded as we may never heard of the pharaohs before or the higher ups. That wasn’t recordered in the past

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