Top 10 Scary Masks Used In History
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This video was honestly a complete surprise to me, i was thinking about what scary masks i could possibly include on this list but boy oh boy did this really open my eyes. I pretty much didn’t know any of these existed so I’m chuffed about this list and you guys should be too. Prepare to be enlightened folks, i’m about to hit you with some knowledge. These are the Top 10 Scary Masks Used In History.

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  1. Is it me or is every Ayman hosted video like softcore porn. I swear Her outfits keep getting skimpier and I can dig it

  2. The dirt masks were the scariest. Something I didn’t know was used on the slaves in our history is scary. It would be so hot and uncomfortable, demeaning and dangerous. To not be able to even get a proper drink of water would have been torture.

  3. Where are your clothes? Very inappropriate outfit. No one can hear what you’re actually talking about because you are wearing literally skanky clothes and keep moving around way TOO MUCH

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