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Top 10 Scary Cursed Jewels
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The size of the gemstones in this video are shocking in and of themselves. I cant even comprehend how they would be worn as jewelry. Like any pair of earrings or necklace made with them with either rip my ear lobes right off or weigh my neck down considerably. But anyway that’s more of a gruesome consequences, most of these jewels didn’t come ready to rip ear lobes off but they did come cursed and all. And the stories are pretty interesting if i do say so myself so without further ado this is the Top 10 Scary Cursed Jewels.

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  1. Please for the love of mercy stop saying What’s Gucci its getting annoying to the stage I dont even watch videos with you in them

  2. Man but what if you think you’re getting it under honest circumstances but you’re not because the person that you’re buying it from stole it? that’s not fair lol
    Also….can I be a small time ????

  3. The Red Spinell can’t be that cursed if the presently reigning Queen Elizabeth II has worn it continuously during important ceremonies AND remains the longest living monarch in British history. Seriously, she simply doesn’t die. So, that red stone, cursed? I think not!

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