Top 10 Scary Alcatraz Urban Legends
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We all know about Alcatraz prison located in San Francisco, it was one of the most infamous parts of american history and while it was open, it housed some of the worst criminals around. You can even take a tour of Alcatraz prison now and hear about all of the scary stories, I don’t know if any of you guys have been, but I think that’s a hard pass for me. But because of its infamous dark and scary past, Alcatraz has racked up some pretty scary urban legends. That why today I’ve got a list of Top 10 Scary Alcatraz Urban Legends.

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  1. I remember as a kid watching America’s Most wanted. Every year on the anniversary of the escape. They would put what they would like at that time. If they did make it they eould be dead by now.

  2. I love you to death but part of the attraction to this type of show is the the scary storytelling
    Maybe try to work on your suspensifullines. Again love you to death

  3. “And they were shot dead on the spot and killed.” XD Is is just me or was that a bit redundant??

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