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More Scary Lists 😱

The SCP Foundation ranks its creatures with an Object Class, which is said to be for the purposes of containment – the Rankings are Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumiel, Neutralized and decommissioned. But what else are they hiding from us?
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  1. One of my fave mystery authors is an SCP? or seemingly so? That’s freaking awesome! Thank you, Her Majesty Slytherin Queen Rebecca Jane Felgate I. I love you and your vids (Though not in a creepy romantic way lol I’m a hufflepuff and me and Cho Chang are a thing 😉

  2. I personally would like more of the SCP videos but don’t absolutely need them. Also your personal IG says you’re coming to my city *he said non-creepily

  3. Miss.Rebecca, may you please do a Dominican Republic scary urban legends?
    Like if you agree or dislike if you disagree.

  4. Girls are the weirdest things on this planet……… time their happy and the next time their crying…..or is this just me???

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