Top 10 Scary Images Seen In Smoke
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I talking the Top 10 Scary Images seen in smoke… which I am honestly surprised we have never done before, this seems like classic Most Amazing content. Before things get smoky up in here, why don’t you guys let me know your scariest campfire stories! Also… moment of appreciation for Smores everyone…smores. Yum.

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  1. Hi my name is Izabella and please mention this in a video. This has nothing to do with this video but just read this please. One night I woke up to use the bathroom in my apartment complex that was built in 1977, and I heard strange noises coming from my moms room I peaked in there and it was just my mom peacefully sleeping. So I just thought I was delusional because it’s 1:00 in the morning. So after I use the bathroom I am walking back to bed and I hear it again… so I go in her room wake her up and ask her what’s going on. And she turns her head slowly and and looks at me, eyes wide open. Then 5 seconds past and she says “nothing sweetheart go on back so bed” in a robot sounding voice… I was so scared I didn’t go to bed for the rest of the night.

  2. Smoke is the league of the devil and maybe the good side but great video as always MostAmazingTop10 and keep it up.

  3. I was about 15 and it was spring break. I invited two of my friends from school to go camping on my 20 acre property. There’s a forest going through and connects to several other properties surrounding mine. We decided to camp in this one part of the woods close enough to the road in case we had any issues. It was also only a 5-7 min walk from my house. They come over early and we spend the hour of daylight setting up a tent and getting a fire going. Nightfall comes and we spend several hours eating s’mores and weenies just talking about school and sharing stories. As midnight approaches we start telling scary stories (I have a lot but the one I’m telling now is more funny) all of the sudden we hear a movement in the leaves about 20ft from where we were. we all flip out and my male friend(in an act trying to be protective and standoffish) starts running towards the sound taking our only flashlight with him. He shines the light and we see two glaring dots sparkling in the distance. (My mom had always told me a rule about animal eyes. The farther apart they are the more likely it is that the animal is a not a predator.) the eyes were just sitting there blankly as he came charging up to it. Then all of the sudden we hear a rush of heavy stomps runnig in the opposite direction, and that’s when we realize it was my three cows and that they were probably just as scared as we were.

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