Top 10 Scary California Urban Legends – Part 2
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Back with more urban legends today, because urban legends are great and we love them and you love them so its a win win situation for all us except those of you who are watching this at night alone in your bedroom. I’m praying for those people. Be forewarned i tried to save you, This is the Top 10 Scary California Urban Legends – Part 2.

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  1. Lmao I have lived in Antioch California my entire life I have walked up and down that road been to the slaughterhouse the only thing closest to it is a bunch of KKK hangings back in like the 1980s there is no real spirit that haunts you on that road or if there is the thousand times I have been there it hasn’t happened to me I have carved my name into that slaughterhouse walk through the Gate of Hell nothing has happened but the funny urban legends about it are hilarious

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