And, if this video doesn’t scare you enough, then check out Unveiled for more on Ouija boards, demons and summoning evil spirits!

Some may call these paranormal videos a hoax, but these scary moments caught on camera will send shivers down your spine! For this list, we’ve put together the most chilling Ouija games caught on tape. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Scariest Ouija Videos.

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  1. These Ouija videos sure are scary… So, imagine a world where we all used Ouija boards, every day of our lives! The folks at Unveiled do exactly that!

  2. I played with a Ouija board once (on the floor of a walk in pantry) but left a few minutes in. There were 4 other girls playing with me and they kept going for another hour and only stopped when stuff started flying off the shelves. Apparently they made something mad. All within a week of playing, one girl broke her arm, two of the girls broke their leg, and the last girl was in a car accident with her mom.
    Don’t mess with the spirits, they don’t like it.

  3. Great video I think it’s fake or maybe real don’t know I don’t play ouija and I don’t think I will ever play ouija too etc

  4. Its so crazy to see the girl behind the voice of watch mojo. Also all of these are freaking fake

  5. Ghost are not really ghosts but Demons that take the form of that deceased person. Be careful of what you mess around with because people who are not in with God will be attacked. I know it sounds stupid but you guys need to know that spirituality is not to be messed since there are those that don’t know what their doing. God bless you and Don’t try Ouiji boards. There bad news.

  6. You play with the devils toy, the devil always shows up. White people, stop playing with this shit!

  7. If you watch this, and believe ANY of the videos as real; kill yourself. Don’t have children.

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