We’re pitting the two scariest series in the horror industry against one another. The Conjuring versus Insidious, Bathsheba against the Red-Faced Demon, the Bride in Black vs Valak, franchise vs franchise! Which one of these scary movies is the best one? What’s going to be the thing that gives one the edge over the other? Is it the characters or the scares? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Eh, both franchises are mediocre to me. Loud and cheap jump scares and not much originality.

  2. the conjuring and insidious is what channel i know insidious 3 is in 701 and 411 and 412 but the conjuring 2 is 411 how about the rest

  3. And non of those compare to the original Ringu and Ju On sagas, the problem with western horror movies is their dependence of jump scares instead of atmosphere, even that they have some truly scary moments, they still appear to be generic compared to Ju On and Ringu.

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