Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games

These are the scariest, the most terrifying, the creepiest, the most unsettling, the spookiest, the kookiest and altogether ookiest songs from some of the scariest video games out there. Actually, the games in question don’t have to be scary or horror games, just so long as the songs on their OST sent shivers down your spine. Join as we count down our picks and rank the Top 10 Scariest Songs in Video Games.

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00:40 #10: Taxidermy – Killer 7
01:28 #9: Lament – Siren: Blood Curse
02:17 #8: First Chapter ~ On the Ground – Drakengard
03:12 #7: Lavender Town – Pokemon Red and Blue
04:07 #6: Dungeon theme – Diablo
04:49 #5: Final Boss (US version) – Sonic CD
05:36 #4: Final Hours – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
06:22 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. They sort of gave Silent Hill an honorable mention but I still think no
    horror music compare to the stuff Akira Yamaoka writes.

  2. If you say all 4 words fast without a tongue twister, then you sir are a

    1. Eye
    2. Yam
    3. Stew
    4. Peed

  3. Jesus Fucking Christ. Did you guys forget what scary meant?! Some of these
    were epic, some were intense, some were soothing, some were stupid, and one
    was only heard in 1990’s Japan so it wasn’t scary until the internet made
    it available mid-late 2000’s. but once again the honorable mentions were
    the better ones.Want a good horrifying song? Bitores Mendez and Echo in the
    Night, from RE4. not a fanboy, but those two are fucking terrifying

  4. Seriously, no mention of either “Undead” or “Ready For Combat” from
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day? The former actually makes the laughter of CHILDREN
    sound creepy as you try to blast the heads off zombies, and the latter just
    adds so much tension as you storm the Tediz base.

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