Top 10 Movie Heroes Who Fight Dirty
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No blow is too low for these heroes. From Logan, to Jack Sparrow, to John McClane, these characters have no qualms hitting below the belt. WatchMojo ranks the top movie heroes who fight dirty.

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#10. Logan
#9. Smith
#8. Bryan Mills
#7. Captain Jack Sparrow
#6. William ‘Will’ Munny
#5. John McClane
#4. Max Rockatansky
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. regarding your WWE finishing moves video, i think you should make a part 2, you forgot one of the most unique finishing mover by Tatnka

  2. deadpool isnt a hero. the whole point of the movie is that he isnt. he’s more of a semi antagonist that does his own thing or just a neutral character.

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